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MyTPD is a portal that enables Economic Operators that market tobacco products to manage their relationship with official entities within the framework of Article 15 of the Community Tobacco Directive of April 3rd 2014.

 In particular, the request of Facility IDs to the ID Issuer and the monitoring of the status of operations registered and sent to the E.U.-Router.


What do you need to know?

Economic Operator

Any entity engaged in trade of tobacco products, from the manufacturer to the first retail establishment (Importer, Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer)

Any place, building or vending machine where tobacco products are manufactured, stored or placed on the market (includes first retail establishment)
1st Retail Establishment

Facility where tobacco products are placed on the market for the first time, including vending machines

Any transfer of tobacco products from one vehicle to another during which the tobacco products do not enter or leave a facility
Vending Van

Vehicle used for the delivery of tobacco products to multiple retail establishment in quantities not previously determined before delivery


E.U. computer system Economic Operators communicate with in order to send collected information, and who is responsible for distributing the information collected by the different existing routers
ID Issuer

Entity appointed by each Member State whose tasks are to issue IDs for the respective Economic Operators and UIs for tobacco products manufactured or imported by that Member State. For Portugal, the entity "INCM-Imprensa Nacional da Casa da Moeda" was appointed.